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November 9, 2010 / Author

Miley Fan Meeting

UKMileySupport’s story on meeting Miley today:

So I went backstage to meet Miley Cyrus in Derby today because I won a competition through ASDA. She was in her dressing room before the signing with Denika, Anna & her wardrobe guy who I hadn’t seen before? She wasn’t with Scott, or Tish, or family.
She asked me and the other 9 year old how we were and stuff, then the little girl asked if she was going to tour next year and Miley said that if she has time she will because she misses being on stage so much.
Then Denika said she liked my Thin Lizzy t-shirt, Miley looked at the table where my Beatles bag was and said ‘who’s bag is that?’ and I was like, ‘me!’ and she was like wow I love it where is it from? And I said Camden and she said to Denika “Oh my gosh we really wanted to go to Camden today I love it there but I don’t think we’ll have time, how far away is it from here?” and then I said 3 hours, and she was like, oh we don’t have time because our flight is in the early hours of tomorrow morning! Then she asked if there were any shopping centres around Derby, Anna said ‘yeah I really wanna go get some vintage band tees’ and I said I didn’t know, then Miley asked where I was from and I said London 🙂 And theeeenn she signed my book and photo, then she saw my Trainwreck Jac Vanek bracelet and turned it around to see what it said, and I said ‘it’s the trainwreck one, Demi wore it once’ and then Miley was like oh cool I’m good friends with Jac. And then I said ‘Oh yeah how’s Demi?’ and she said ‘Demi is my best friend in the whole world she’s getting on fine it’s just a vacation for her. Don’t listen to what you hear’ This conversation felt just like any friend sort of convo it was so relaxed and stuff! Then she started saying how she had to start hair and make up at 4.30am and that she’s reallllllly tired but she’s not gonna go to sleep tonight so that she can sleep on the plane home to L.A in the early hours of the morning! Then I gave her her birthday present which was a few little guitar badge sort of things from Camden and she said ‘oh my gosh they are so rad thank you so much’ 🙂
Then I asked her if this mobile number I had gotten was really her and she said nope, she doesn’t give it out to anyone, the only way you can get hold of her now is through MileyWorld and YouTube!

Then I left my book in her dressing room by accident so I had to go back and then got to talk to Anna, Denika and her wardrobe guy some more about fans and general other stuff 🙂 they are all sooooo nice to you if you’re relaxed!! Felt so comfortable around everyone. Then I saw them again later in the smoking area near back exit where about 150 fans were so I thought I’d go and sit with them seeing as they knew who I was, so I went and sat with them, and her wardrobe guy said to Anna “can me and my mate have a fag please?” I FREAKED OUT HE CALLED ME HIS MATE. And then Anna was like oh sure and gave one to me AAAAAAH yeah. And then fans came over to us and asked Anna if she was Miley’s mum, me and Anna looked at each other and burst out laughing…
It felt like I was WITH them. So weird.

Miley is LOVELY and everything I’d ever dreamed of so PLEASE believe me when I say she is such a beautiful person in real life, and guys, please do your best to meet her, DREAMS REALLY DO COME TRUE! Just put your mind to it, patience is the key 😉





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  1. DeDe Breanna Katzman / Nov 9 2010 7:07 pm

    Cool miley ! I love you! And awesome Tour!

  2. Andrea :) (girl) / Nov 12 2010 9:33 am

    Hey milerz! I’m your number one fan and i want that you know it! Thankyou so much for all. YOU ARE MI IDOL! 🙂

    I love you..

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