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July 26, 2010 / Author

Snoop Dogg Talks Miley

Thanks @MileyLiamFan for sending in!


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  1. Amy Soldier / Jul 27 2010 7:53 am

    No, I haven’t even sipped the coffee yet. The thought that I will never write a quality set of lyrics looms , … conjour simple lines of thought and I white gloved hear the chorus as angels of love …, or while glowing with spotlight warmth the scorpion’s sting spits out words the venom to whom so ever treads contrary.

    In other words, one mental block blocking my writing at this time is the notion that I’m aware the Creator is attentive to my want to write lyrics now. Lyrics for Miley to someday sing to Top Ten status. To write and then Rap all I know and can think of about the treatise and my relationship with It, the Creator. I am unique to It. And these moments are becoming interesting now to It.

    Gotta go. Keep up the good snooping on our Miley, MileyCyrusTour!

    * |•

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