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July 10, 2010 / Author

She’s Just Being Miley

Everyone’s picking on Miley Cyrus, and I’m starting to wonder if it’s a little unfair.

In case you haven’t got the SMS, Miley’s left behind the childish innocence of Hannah Montana and is sporting a new – and yes, arguably raunchy – image.

Her antics and style choices of late have outraged a whole lot of people. The steady boyfriend, a look I like to call ‘Rock-Raunch Luxe’ and penchant for lap dancing are largely to blame.

But for the record, I think Miley’s just being, well, 17.

For a while there, nobody considered Miley Cyrus anything other than the little girl whose dad wrote that ‘Achy Breaky Heart’ song (love it or hate it, it’s awesome, there’s not one person I know who can’t sing a few lines of that song).

Then came Hannah Montana.

She comes from a family in the entertainment biz, so maybe there was a little hand holding when it came to her big break, but you can’t deny that Hannah Montana was (is) a mind blowingly massive success.

If you’re not familiar with the show (you clearly live under some sort of rock), it started in 2006 and is about a girl who leads a double life. By day, your average teen high school student called, yes, Miley, and by night a pop queen called Hannah Montana. Life imitates art.

A little while back, Disney announced the end of Hannah Montana. Fear not. Miley had more up her (skimpy) sleeve.

The teen icon’s music career has been an incredible success. Miley tried hard to take the leap from little girl to serious performer. And there have been an outrageous number of hotpants involved in that transition.

In the past few years, Miley’s had moments that have shocked her fans and unearthed her foes. There were the ‘MySpace’ style belly baring pics on the internet, that near-naked Annie Liebovitz cover for Vanity Fair, a little pole dancing at the MTV awards. And yes, even a particularly cringe worthy lap dancing incident with the producer of her film The Last Song, Adam Shankman.

Her latest concert tour has featured girl-on-girl simulation and lots of flesh. And her latest music video for ‘Can’t be Tamed’ is no, well, tamer.

But I’m not sure that what Miley’s doing is any raunchier than what most 17 year old girls do when their parents aren’t around. It’s just that Miley’s playing it all out on the big screen.

And I mean, since when have we considered Hollywood as the go-to for setting our morals? It’s one big soap opera in itself.

Is it because of her age or because she used to be Hannah Montana? People seem less bothered by Lady Gaga’s pantlessness – is it OK because she’s in her 20’s? If so, will it all change when Miley turns 18 in November?

I don’t know. I remember being 17 and wanting so desperately to be seen as a grown up. It’s when you start looking more like a woman than a little girl and it’s easy to mimic the raunchy stuff you see on TV. The lap dancing, the simulated pole dancing, the grown up boyfriend…it’s a familiar story.

Is she a role model? Probably. I’m sure that little girls everywhere are copying the pouts, the posing, the bump and grind – just like they did with Britney (yes, Katy Perry).

But Miley can’t be Hannah Montana forever and I think it’s best for parents to gently explain that Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus are two very different characters. Look away children, look away.

And I do think that most of the girls you see walking around dressed like Miley were doing it before Miley. We’re in the super-duper information age – it takes about 3 seconds for trends to get around. Like it or not, many 17 year olds act like they’ve just been cast for a lead role in the Girls of the Playboy Mansion.

There’s probably a lot to blame for the sexualisation of society, and Miley might be a product of that, but I don’t think she’s the source.

And I think if you’re going to ride the moral high horse – then you should probably question whether it’s morally correct to pick on a teenager. You need to pick a side – if she’s a grown up and can cop the flak, she can probably wear and do what she wants. If she’s a kid, well, she might be doing this stuff because she’s a kid, so back off.

Sometimes I roll my eyes when I hear about Miley Cyrus doing this or that, like I would hearing about the antics of any other teen.

She should probably tone down the grinding and slow down just a little. But I think, that for all she’s got on her plate, Miley’s doing a pretty darn good job of it. Give the kid a break.

P.S. Miley, love ‘Can’t be Tamed’, it was in my head the whole time I wrote this column

SOURCE: The Collective Review / Thanks @RockingCyrus for sending in!



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  1. James E McGrath / Jul 10 2010 2:49 pm

    I’d say that Miley is doing well, and as far as I’m concerned, she’s everybody’s role model! She has a future!

  2. Billy / Jul 11 2010 4:35 am

    thank you for writing this column, you took every word out of my mouth.



  3. Niki / Jul 12 2010 8:46 pm

    thanks for writing this,.! wht u write is wht ppl need to hear cuz im tired of tellin ppl off haha

    but i agree miley has a great career and it’s jus gonna get better! she’s an amazing girl and she’s an awesome role modle,. i think ppl jus need to get off her back,. in my opinion she’s jus doing wht every other 15-18 year old girl is doing except she’s doing it with the public watching,.! in my opinion she’s doing a better job then teens i kno,. kids in middle school are starting stuff even sooner!

    shes doing a great job! i love u miley!!!

    —Niki Cottrill

  4. Kisa / Aug 13 2010 1:03 pm

    Being yourself is apart of everyday life, we can’t just put on a facade of who we are. But, how is it morally right, in ANY way whatsoever, to flaunt all of her sexual ‘goodies’ to the entire world? How is THAT, just being herself?!

    I admit, she’s not the only one, of coure I know, she’s just acting like any other girl her age. But, who said I agreed with the hoes we see running around, nowadays?!

    Her life is literately centered around eroticism.
    She IS being herself, and herself is a whore.

    If you honestly believe it’s morally right to be that skimpy in the world wild general public, setting an example for millions of people, then , well, go on thinking that way.

    I suppose you lost your virginity at what, 13?

    You whores disgust me.

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