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July 1, 2010 / Author

Hannah Montana Forever Cover

Hannah Montan Forever soundtrack cover! The CD is set to be released under Walt Disney Records in the Fall! New season premiere on Disney Channel, July 11th! Music video for Ordinary Girl premieres on Disney Channel tommorow. Check your local listings. Thanks @xRespectMiley @xMileySupporter and @WeAdoreMiley.


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  1. Cara Waitkus / Nov 2 2010 11:32 pm

    hannah please don’t do it too You’re self ‘ You would forgive self i Know You won’t do it ‘ i Know it won’t be that easy for You . the hannah Monatana we know dosen’t give Up ‘ You Say alot thing’s & You got in as Miley & hannah this is You’re 3rd Season of hannah Montana forever & You’re Going Collage You’Should Sat in . that’s ever pareen’t dream for daughter too Go Collage Make Something out You’re life & Now Saying it too You Should do it
    hannah Monatana is Singer too Make Something out her life as hannah Monatana & Miley You’re hannah & hannah Dosen’t quite is Kinda Message You what too Sent Out too fan’s Or You ‘ what about old blue jean what do You think blue jean Would Say too You & You’re Mother ‘ You Would let everOne down if You leave . Wouldn’t be the Same With out hannah Monatana ‘ You had listed You’re Music of hannah forever this it isn’t You talkig You’re Sickick & You Weak ‘ You better think this though hard Nough We are You’re fan’s & We What You too Say as You’re self it Won’t be any eazyer if You Or for Use . & for am in love with You & You’re Music please do this for Me & My friend Doris We what the Same thing for You & We are in love With You . We What You too Say & for hannah Monatana ‘ We are doing this is because We love You for You ‘ hannah Monatana i love You & You’re love Cara Waitkus You’re fan & i love You ‘ You’re love

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