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June 30, 2010 / Author

Miley Won’t Let Image Change Her Fame

Miley Cyrus was recently named to Forbes Celebrity 100 list, coming in at #13. Fresh off of the Miley Cyrus co-hosting gig at the Much Music Awards, Cyrus is also leading the nominations for the Teen Choice Awards with 11.

If any publicity is good publicity then Miley Cyrus is leagues ahead of her contemporaries on that point alone. Although Miley just came out of controversy due to Perez Hilton, Cyrus is still standing and has handled everything without breaking a nail. After more than seven years in the industry, Miley Cyrus is already a seasoned pro with her own unique moral center. Will the rest of the world be able to figure that out on their own?

Thanks @SmileyWithMiley and @GottaRockMiley.


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  1. Vanessa / Jun 30 2010 4:48 pm

    Miley is my #1 idol!! I love her!! been a fan of her since i 1st saw her on Hannah Montana!!! i hate that people always talk bad about her, she’s just trying to find her way and grow up, which is not easy in the business she’s in. Keep rocking Miley!!! Your true fans will always Love You!!!!!!

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