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May 11, 2010 / Author

Miley/ Britney/ Christina Transitions

Was doing some research on Britney and Christina’s part transitions into more mature music to compare to Miley’s upcoming Can’t Be Tamed era!

Let’s start off with Britney’s transition! She released the “Britney” (self-titled) album in 2001! With it’s lead single Slave 4 U. The album was decribed as “being the transition album away from her bubblegum pop sound and teen pop image from her previous two albums, and leaned increasingly toward more R&B and sexual influences”. The album went on to sell over 4 million copies in the US alone and debuted at #1!

Christina released her transition album “Stripped” in 2002 with lead single Dirty! She had creative control over a project for the first time, being influenced by many different subjects and music styles, including rhythm and blues, gospel, soul, pop rock, and hip hop. Was also heavily criticized for her sexual videos and revealing outfits. The album went on to sell 4 million copies as well in the US alone and debuted at #2!

Miley’s upcoming album “Can’t Be Tamed” is described as a possessing techno music inclined album! She just recently released her lead single, which is the title track (as you all know) and stirred up controversy with her SEXY and fierce new music video for Can’t Be Tamed. The new album hits stores June 22nd! 

Do YOU think Miley’s transition will be greatly successful?

NOTE: If you use/reword ANY piece of this article, please credit MileyCyrusTour! (c) 2010


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